"I liked it! Are all your writings like this?  I am glad that you are sending these to me." --- Constance D.
"Thanks for taking the time once again to break an important concept into bite-sized chunks!" 
--- Brent R.
"Always thought provoking." --- Hank S.
“This holds very true.  I look forward to reading your thoughts on teamwork. We need more people like you out in the workforce!” --- David W.
“Thanks for an excellent recap of the "personnel" relationships within an IT Team. Really, this is NOT only for an IT Team, but a way to increase the Team spirit for a complete company!” --- Bill B.
“I need all the motivation I can get to 're-create the magic in my team play today'. I'd like to see more of this stuff.” --- Deborah K.
“I find that your newsletter offers some good perspectives on job/life quality.” --- Don B.
“Thanks for adding me to your newsletter.” --- Aileen W.
“I like it ... Please place me on your permanent list.” --- Jo S.

“…(TeamTacks Journal) is succinct and insightful material with lots of positiveness so keep up the good work. Good job on your teamwork article. I've always felt that trust is the nutrient that can help teams grow. Without it you might as well cast the seeds for team effectiveness on asphalt.” --- D.S.

“I actually enjoyed reading April’s issue. It sure brought back some old memories… during the early days I don't think we had any smarter people, we just had people who worked together well.” 
--- Darrell C.
“I really enjoyed reading it! I passed on copies to my account manager and my boss.” --- Sonya S.
“This stuff you are working on (team process) is very interesting…  After all these years in this racket, I am convinced that most of the "stuff" is people stuff, not technical stuff.  So your approach is very interesting.” --- Paul G.
“Keep up your efforts on the newsletter.  I find the subject matter encouraging and people oriented and always get a little relief from the deluge of information regarding changing technology that I have to sift through.” --- DMS

“Very good message.  I almost feel like this message was aimed directly at me.  Thanks!” --- Kevin H.

“Thanks for sharing.” --- Orlando V.
“I am really impressed with and am enjoying the ITTC monthly.  I especially like the motivation on purpose article (July 2000).  Thanks.” --- David S.
“Thank you for another valuable message. The quote from Jr. Teague ‘Nothing is so simple that it cannot be misunderstood’, were it more widely published, could save all industries both valuable time and money.” --- Terry K.
 “I liked the short story on communication in this issue (June 20, 2000). Many times I need to 'check back' with the 'other person' after these 'hall way conferences' to make sure that I understand them completely.” --- Bill B.
“Our company tends to be so project oriented that we never stop and think about whether the people in the company feel like they are part of a team or even have any idea of what their purpose is.  When I first read this, my response was to make money for the company.  We all get too bogged down with that kind of thinking.”  --- Mike T.


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