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Obama, the Food Stamp President

Right now, the Obama administration is blasting radio ads across the country encouraging self-sufficient Hispanics to apply for food stamps. How do we know the ads are targeting self-reliant Hispanics? Not only are the soap opera-style "novelas" catering to a Hispanic audience, they are EN ESPANOL.

"In one of these, an individual tries to convince a friend to enroll in food stamps even though that friend declares: 'I don't need anyone's help. My husband earns enough to take care of us,"  says GOP Sen. Jeff Sessions, describing the novelas. "The first individual replies back: 'When are you going to learn?'"

Reliance in the federal government is what Barack Obama wants all Americans (and illegal immigrants) to learn. Obama wants nothing more than to make self-sufficiency a thing of the past, and to put every hardworking individual on the dole.

Just last week, Obama issued one of his beloved directives to ILLEGALLY authorize waivers of the welfare work requirements contained in the bipartisan 1996 welfare reform law.

As the Heritage Foundation notes, such waivers are ILLEGAL since the provision of the law was specifically designed not to be waived!

It was also passed in response to some government officials' desperate attempt "to define activities such as hula dancing, attending Weight Watchers, and bed rest as 'work'" in order to beef up their likely voters  in line for a handout come election time.

While in Roanoke, Va., Obama insulted business owners across the country, saying "If you've got a business, you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen."

Is it any surprise that a man who attacks individualism AND individual achievement while promoting collectivism is attempting to force reliance on the federal government for food and jobs? Of course it isn't!

Obama may have convinced his Leftwing followers that his handout polices are helping down-on-their-luck Americans by encouraging government dependency, but it couldn't be further from the truth.

Already, there are record numbers of individuals collecting from some government program -- disability, social security, food stamps, whatever.

While there is no doubt a true need for help by some, Obama is NOT 'helping' for the right reasons.

He is doing it for himself, and he is doing it in the wrong way -- by expanding existing failed, fraud-ridden programs while doing nothing to free our desperate economy from the vice of the feds.

Free food.

Free money.

Free healthcare.

When does it stop? 

When Obama is defeated. 

Obama has drawn a line in the sand, America -- one that effectively enslaves hardworking Americans. Obama's rampage to destroy every last inkling of incentive -- a basic human principle and motivator -- for the sake of collecting votes MUST BE STOPPED. 

If Obama is not stopped, we will all be forced to go to the feds for that handout, some sooner than others, as the economy grinds to a halt and every Americans' self-sufficiency destroyed. 

You would think that we already paid our fair share with our sweat, with our time - whether it was spent working nightshifts in the factory or pulling all-nighters in college - but that's not enough for Obama. Hardworking Americans like you and I are paying dearly for Obama's campaign promises and big government endeavors, and we're only going to pay the Commie-in-Chief more as punishment for our life successes unless we defeat him and his Leftwing party NOW. 

Don't let Obama destroy America, our freedom, and everything you have EARNED with YOUR hardwork.

You can help stop Obama from destroying our freedom to prosper by transforming America into a welfare-state. Right now, SELECT HERE to make your best contribution - $25, $60, $85 or whatever you can afford -- to help stop Obama's propaganda machine before it's too late!

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